Saturday, January 2, 2010

"But unto the place which the LORD your God shall choose out of all your tribes to put his name there..." Duet 12:5

This command did not mean that the tabernacle would always stay in the same place, for it was moved at God’s command. The ultimate fulfillment of this command came centuries later when God let David move the tabernacle to Jerusalem where his son Solomon built the temple. The command for a single sanctuary promoted or emphasized three things: the unity of God (i.e., He is One, not many), the purity of the Israelites’ worship of the Lord, and the people’s political and spiritual unity.

Shin (pronounced sheen) is the name of the twenty-first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It had a numerical value of three hundred and had thephonetic value of sh. A variant took the348sound s. Both were written in a rough equivalent of the English letter ‘W.’ This letter stands high among the Hebrew alphabet because it represent 2 names of God. It represents His name: All Sufficient one, unlimited one, and also Shalom, peace. God promised to place His name in the land and He placed it at Jerusalem. Below is a topographical map showing that Jerusalem is shaped in the fashion of the Hebrew Shin deonting the name of God. God literally placed this Hi Name there.

Shin (ש)

When God places His name somewhere there should be a visible representation of His name there. God said He would place His name at Jerusalem and there is a visible representation of His name there. When we say we are Christians there should be a visible representation of Gods name in our life. Our life should be lived in such a way that it bears Gods name. As we close out this year I believe that a number of your lives are no better at the end of this year then it was last year. And unless you make some changes you will be the same way at the end of this new year. Your life will counting to spiral out of control until you submit to God and allow your life to manifest His name!

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