Monday, January 4, 2010

The Origin Of Life

From the book Unshakable Foundations

The question we must answer for ourselves is “can the results of an enormous natural explosion the magnitude of the Big Bang, left to itself over a long period of time, produce the kind of highly specified and complex order found in a living organism without the guidance of intelligence?” The evidence from repeated observation strongly confirms that it always takes intelligence to produce the highly specified and complex order that exists in living organisms. Non living matter and living organisms may utilize the same basic molecular building, but their essential differences is found in the message on those blocks when they are linked together in a highly and complex manner (genetic code).

Scientist use the second law of thermodynamics to measure the level of disorder (entropy) in a system. The reciprocal function, the law of specificity (1/entrop), is also used to measure the degree of order (specificity) produced in a system. What is the level of improbability of generating the kind of order found in living organism with out the intervention of intelligence, against the backdrop of other possibilities?

Mathematicians, drawn in by the statistical nature of the problem, have denied the feasibility of random minor mutations producing biological novelty and complexity. Using computers, mathematician Marcel Schutzenberger, found the odds against improving meaningfual information by random changes were 10(-1,000 squared). The astronomers Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramsinghe placed the probability that life would originate from non life as 10(-40,000 squared) and the probability of added complexity arising by mutations and natural selection very near this figure. If we were to consider the possibility that life arose without an intelligent cause, we would be forced to move completely out of the realm of science.

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